Come along on Saturday 2 May @ 1pm and join in the fun of shotgun. New shooters welcome, however if you have a group of 4 or more, please make contact with Alan Price - 0438 592 076, prior to the day. The club has a shotgun that can be used for visitors. All unlicensed visitors or participants inexperienced with shotgun shooting sports are to ensure that they have signed on, completed their P650 obligations, paid fees and are ready for the safety briefing before 12:45pm. Notwithstanding, all shooters need to be signed on and have fees paid before 12:55pm or otherwise advised by the range officer. Late arrivals risk being turned away unless they have made prior arrangements with the range officer. Fees: Members $25, Visitors $35. Ammunition can be bought at the range on Saturday ($10). Welcome for all to attend!