2020  Calendar

Subject to change



2020 'Target Shooting' Calendar

The annual Club calendar is ready now.

Once more QRA event dates are released, it will be updated to reflect. Please note, calendar subject to change.

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Come and try

'Target Rifle Shooting'

- It's great fun!

Fullbore:                  Sun     26  Jan    @  8:00am  (DST) -  800yds 


Smallbore:              Sat      25  Jan    @  8:00am  (DST)


Air Rifle:                   Sat      25 Jan    @  8:00am  (DST)


Field Class:             Sun      2   Feb    @  8:00am  (DST) -  100yds 


Shotgun:                 Sat      25  Jan   @  1:00pm  (DST) 


Military:                   Sun     9   Feb   @  10:30am  (DST)  -  300yds


Black Powder:     Sat       7   Mar    @  10:30am  (DST)


SEDRA:                      2020      ( Dates TBC )


Next Target Shoots:

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Try our great sport of 'Target Rifle Shooting':

Range Address:   Stokers Rd,   Dunbible

(Open only on a Saturday & Sunday at certain times                     - range over two private farm properties - please respect!)