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A.G.M   Sat  18 July  @  11am.

2020  Calendar

Subject to change



COVID-19 Restrictions Update

Working in accordance within the restrictions of the NSW State Government, Murwillumbah Rifle Club is able to recommence Target Shooting for Financial Members only.


See club calendar for each of our Target Shooting disciplines dates.

Members note - Please bring the right amount of money to the range.


Smallbore Range Fee: one disipline $5.00

: Plus an extra $3.00 for two or more disciplines

.22 Club Ammunition: Federal Blue $5.00 Pk 50

: SK Red $13.00 Pk 50

: Eley Black $22.00 Pk 50


Air Rifle: 30 Shots $2.00

: 250 Pk $10.00


Fullbore Range Fee: $10.00

308 Ammunition: $1.30 each

: $15.60 for 12

: $32.50 for 25


Shotgun Range Fee: $10.00

Shotgun Ammunition: $15.00 pk 25

Military Range Fee: $10.00

303 Ammunition: $1.50 each

: $43.50 for 29


Field Rifle Range Fee: $5.00

No club ammunition supplied for Field Rifle.


Social distancing rules will apply.


Hand wash will be supplied by the club.


 Remember if you are feeling crook, stay at home.

Club COVID Policy:

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Come and try

'Target Rifle Shooting'

- It's great fun!

                  July  return  for  members  only!


Fullbore:                  Sun  12  July  @  8.00am  -  800yds


Smallbore:              Sat  11  July  @  8.00am 


Air Rifle:                    Sat  11  July  @  8.00a


Field Class:              Sun  19  July  @  8.00am  - 100yds


Shotgun:                 Sat  11  July  @  1.00pm  


Military:                   Sun  26  July  @  10.30am  -  300yds


Black Powder:      TBA

SEDRA:                       TBA


Next Target Shoots:

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Try our great sport of 'Target Rifle Shooting':

Range Address:   Stokers Rd,   Dunbible

(Open only on a Saturday & Sunday at certain times                     - range over two private farm properties - please respect!)