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2020  Calendar

Subject to change

Christmas Invitation:


Come and try

'Target Rifle Shooting'

- It's great fun!

Range Address:   Stokers Rd,   Dunbible

(Open only on a Saturday & Sunday at certain times                     - range over two private farm properties - please respect!)



COVID-19 Restrictions Update

Working in accordance within the restrictions of the NSW State Government, Murwillumbah Rifle Club is able to provide Target Shooting opportunities for Financial Members & now, Target Shooting Licenced visitors (must sign a P650 form before competing) only.


See club calendar for each of our Target Shooting disciplines dates.

Members & visitors who are licenced shooters note:  

Please bring the right amount of money to the range.


Smallbore Range Fee: one disipline $5.00

: Plus an extra $3.00 for two or more disciplines

.22 Club Ammunition:

: Federal Blue $6.00 Pk 50

: SK Red $13.00 Pk 50

: Eley Black $22.00 Pk 50


Air Rifle: 30 Shots $2.00

: 250 Pk $10.00


Fullbore Range Fee: $10.00

308 Ammunition: $1.30 each

: $15.60 for 12

: $32.50 for 25


Shotgun Range Fee: $10.00

Shotgun Ammunition: $15.00 pk 25

Military Range Fee: $10.00

303 Ammunition: $1.50 each

: $43.50 for 29


Field Rifle Range Fee: $5.00

No club ammunition supplied for Field Rifle.


Social distancing rules will apply.


Hand wash will be supplied by the club.


 Remember if you are feeling crook, stay at home.

Important News:

Fullbore Range Closed!

Unfortunately both Fullbore & Field Class disciplines are temporarily suspended with immediate effect. Until such time that our stop butts & mantlet is fixed, complies with all Firearm Registry specifications, it will only then be able to re-open. Planning for this is well under way.

Therefore, this impacts shooting for a couple of months.  Check calendar in due course for our eventual return.

We are not far away for a return!!

Firearms Licenced Visitors welcome back!

Firearms Licenced visitors wanting to come along and have a target shoot are now welcome back to the range on any given shooting discipline scheduled time (see 'Home' page). Licenced visitors must bring along their 'Firearms Licence' & 'Car Licence', as well as, the right cash payment (no EFT facility available). At that point a P650 form will also need to be completed before participating. 


Visitors who are not licenced, will hopefully be welcome back in the New Year (COVID pending). Once a date is confirmed, it will be posted on our website & Facebook page.

Next Target Shoots:

     COVID restrictions means  members  only!


Fullbore:                 CANCELLED


Smallbore:             Sat    5  Dec   @  8.00am


Air Rifle:                  Sat    5  Dec   @  8.00am


Field Class:             CANCELLED


Shotgun:                 Sat   12  Dec   @  1.00pm  


Military:                   CANCELLED


Black Powder:      TBA

SEDRA:                       TBA


Like to know more?

Try our great sport of 'Target Rifle Shooting':

Club COVID Policy: